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Colby Valve offers a complete collection of patented, replacement tire valves, tire repair kits and more. Select the right emergency or permanent tire valve for your needs and never be slowed down due to a failed tire valve.

Colby Tire Valves were created to work with standard (.453 inches) tire valves and were designed to work with pneumatic tires.

The Emergency Tire Valve System (red packaging) is the right choice for a quick fix on the road, trail or field. The unique design allows you to replace a damaged tire valve without any tools. The other Colby Valve tire valves are all permanent options and require only a socket wrench to tighten them in place.

Note: the XL Emergency Tire Valve (.625 inches) is considered a permanent valve and does require a socket wrench for installation. This is a larger version of our tire valves and is ideal for tractors, construction vehicles and larger wheels.

ALL Colby Valve Tire Valves are installed from the outside of the tire without the need to remove or replace the tire. Simply replace the valve in under 5 minute, fill and you are ready to go.

Not sure which valve is right for you? Send us an email today.

Never Be Caught With A Damaged Tire Valve

Colby Tire Valves are ideal for use on automobiles, trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, ATVs, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, trailers, RVs & campers, tractors, construction equipment, lawn mowers, and more.

Note: Colby Valves are not compatible with Indian Motorcycle stock wheels.

How Are Colby Tire Valves Installed?

Anyone can replace a damaged tire valve. The patented design allows all Colby Tire Valves to be installed from outside of the tire in under 5 minutes without removing the tire. The Emergency Tire Valves tighten into place without tools, while the permanent Tire Valves require only a socket wrench. This tire valve replacement solution allows you to replace a tire valve without the time and cost required to remove the tire or transport the vehicle. For more details on installation click the link below.

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