Ultimate Tire Valve System 2-Pack
Colby Valve

Ultimate Tire Valve System 2-Pack

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The best permanent tire valve stem on the market!  One of our permanent tire valves, the Ultimate Tire Valve System is designed when a shorter tire valve profile is your best option.  Designed to be installed at home or remotely in under 5 minutes and only requiring a socket wrench to tighten the valve in place.  If a longer permanent tire valve is a better solution for your tire valve needs you may want to consider the original Permanent Tire Valve.

Measuring a full 1/2 inch shorter than our original Permanent Valves, they lower the risk of coming in contact with hazards on the trail, off-road or highway. Built with top quality materials, all Colby Tire Valves are designed to withstand a beating!

  • Patented
  • Extra short length!
  • Installs from the outside of the wheel!
  • Fits standard .453 in wheel openings (everything from bicycles to trucks)
  • Installs in under 5 minutes
  • Recommended 10-15 inch lb torque(similar to putting a bottle cap on tight), if gasket begins spinning it should be tight enough
  • 20X stronger than standard valves
  • 7/16" socket or wrench required for installation
  • Quality 360 brass components
  • Made in the USA
  • Colby Valves are not compatible with Indian Motorcycle stock wheels

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